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Fayetteville Recognized as One of America’s Best Places to Live. Again.

Fayetteville Recognized as One of America’s Best Places to Live. Again.

Once again, the Fayetteville, Arkansas metro area was rated as one of America’s Best Places to Live by US News and World Report. After being ranked #3 on the list in 2016, Fayetteville was ranked #5 in 2017, trailing only Austin, Denver, San Jose, and Washington DC.

“Nestled in the Ozark Mountains, Fayetteville attracts outdoorsy types with its abundance of state parks, acres of community green space, playgrounds, parks and walking trails. The metro area also boasts a first-class performing arts center, an active local food movement, live music venues and a dynamic festival scene.”

The 500,000+ residents of Northwest Arkansas have long recognized the high quality of life to be enjoyed year-round in the Fayetteville area. Having visited all of this year’s top 5 ranked cities multiple times (even living in Denver for several years), I certainly prefer Fayetteville for day-to-day living, although each of the top 4 cities are amazing, World class places in their own right. Fayetteville is in good company!

See the full 2017 Best Places to Live rankings from US News and World Report here.


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